The 25 Uses of Ranch Dressing Mix

I absolutely love Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing Mix. Recently I discovered you could buy it in bulk, an epiphany for me! So in honor of my discovery I decided to list out the many uses of ranch dressing mix.


By the way it’s cheaper to buy Ranch dressing mix in the tube then in the individual packets.

1. Mix 3 tbls with 16 oz. low fat yogurt for a healthy dip.

2. Pop popcorn, then generously shake ranch to flavor it.

3. Prepare pasta, add veggies, 2 tbls olive oil, and a packet of ranch (A Quick Supper that kids like)

4. Add ranch to your fried chicken batter for a zing.

5. Make ranch dip, good for dipping leftover holiday turkey in (best if the turkey is cold).

6. Add ranch to your pork chop breading, for extra flavor.

7. Ranch with sour cream makes a great baked potato topping.

8. Put two teaspoons of ranch yogurt mix on your sandwich or wrap (makes a great substitute for mayo)

9. Spice up canned chicken noodle soup with two teaspoons of ranch mix.

10. A tablespoon or two of ranch tastes great in homemade stuffing.

11. Two Tablespoons of ranch in mashed potatoes and you don’t need gravy.

12. Vegetable pizza (recipe to come in future blog)!

13. Add a three tablespoons of ranch to two tablespoons of olive oil for a zesty vegetable stir fry.

14. A packet of ranch dressing mix added your hamburger mix creates amazing burgers.

15. Make your own ranch dressing using the box mix.

16. Slice potatoes into wedges spray with cooking spray and add ranch dressing for ranch french fries.

17. Add a tablespoon of ranch dressing to your chicken salad mix.

18. Take crescent rolls cover with melted butter and ranch mix.

19. Add ranch to your favorite buffalo sauce to tame the spice.

20. Add ranch dressing to your favorite chicken chili mix.

21. Ranch mixed with taco seasoning makes a great taco mix.

22. Make your own tortilla chips by cutting tortilla shells into wedges, spraying with cooking spray, and sprinkle with ranch dressing. Cook on 375 for 10-15 minutes!

23. Prepare rice add ranch and cheese for seasoning.

24. Add ranch to biscuit mix

25. Make ranch dressing mix with marinara sauce for a great chicken stick sauce

These are just a few of the ideas that I’ve come up with, and I know that with imagination there are many more great uses of ranch dressing mix.

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