Who I Am

Just a quick introduction to me and my blog.

1. I am quite literally married with a house full of pets a.k.a. a zoo. My husband (Brian) and I are the proud owners of 5 pets! Since we’ve been married almost 3 years, we keep getting asked when we’re going to have kids; well who needs kids when you have a house full of pets? We have 2 rats named Oreo and Snickers, 2 cats (Ivy and Bella), and a Brittany Spaniel named Charlie (she’s a female named after Disney’s Good Luck Charlie). I feel bad for Brian because he lives in a house dominated by females.

2. I am addicted to pinterest! I love trying new recipes and then pinning them. I’m always finding new crafts that I can’t wait to try. I already have some pinterest recipes I’m looking forward to sharing on my blog, and I will post my crafting as I get the chance. Follow me (using link on right)!

3. I love sports. I could watch the Olympics around the clock, which I did this past summer! I’m a huge fan of the San Antonio Spurs, still undecided as to whether Tim Duncan or Manu Ginobli is my favorite player. I love ice skating, not as much as I used to but I still keep up with the sport.

4. I am unashamedly a Christian. I believe that Jesus Christ shed His blood for my sins on the cross, and that one day I will spend eternity in heaven. I don’t plan on blogging about my faith a whole lot, but my faith will change this blog. I guess you could say my blog will be G rated.

5. I just recently moved to Pennsylvania, having lived most of my life in Illinois. I have to say Pennsylvania is a strange land! People tend to be more brusk, outspoken, and no one says excuse me or thank you in the stores. Northerns always complain about Southerns driving on the snow, but they are just as bad. The people up here tend to do things themselves, even if it’s not up to code. And I get to go horseback riding a lot!

Well that’s all a part of me, that’s who I am!

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