Family Friendly Movies on Netflix Instant

My husband and I switch between Netflix instant and their DVD plans. Sometimes it feels like there’s nothing to watch on the instant, probably because Netflix streams a lot of dirty movies. But there are some really good family films and TV shows available. I’m just going to share a list of my favorites. My criteria for a movie being family friendly is no language (as far as I know and can remember), no sexual content, and no gory violence. Some of the movies I’ll mention may contain some objectionable material (disrespectful attitudes to parents, religious content e.g. Pocahontas); that’s where parental discernment has to come in. I don’t have kids, but when I do I plan on watching movies with some objectionable content in them. I want to use those times as teaching opportunities. Without further ado, here is my list which is in no ways exhaustive.

  1. Good Luck Charlie – Can have disrespectful attitudes towards the parents at times which makes for great teaching opportunities.
  2. Pocahontas – Teaches Pantheism, another great teaching opportunity for Christian families.
  3. The Rescuers Down Under – The Rescue Aid Society races to save a boy who’s been kidnapped in Australia.
  4. Arthur – Fun tv show for the whole family to enjoy
  5. Wallace and Gromit
  6. Leave it to BeaverThe values in this household are great. The kids are always punished when they do wrong.
  7. The Dick Van Dyke Show
  8. Ice CastlesA competitive figure skater makes her rise.
  9. Amazing LoveThis is a Christian movie that tells the story of Hosea. The lesson in the movie is great!
  10. Phineas and FerbA great TV show that the whole family can enjoy. I have friends of all ages (7-58 years old) who watch this show and love it.
  11. The Aristocats – The cats are heir to a fortune, so the butler decides to get rid of them
  12. The Andy Griffith Show – The only thing I’ve ever found remotely objectionable in this show is smoking, which doesn’t occur that often. Back then they didn’t have all the facts about smoking health risks.
  13. Shaun the Sheep – Fun Claymation shorts TV shows.
  14. The Fox and the Hound – Classic Disney at it’s best with a great lesson on friendship.
  15. The Great Mouse Detective A Disney cartoon based on Sherlock Holmes.
  16. The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything – Warning the theme song may get stuck in your head.
  17. Heidi – Shirley Temple playing Heidi
  18. The Secrets of Jonathon Sperry – A wonderful Christian movie! It’s entertaining and convicting at the same time
  19. Larry Boy and the Fib from Outer SpaceA good lesson on lying
  20. Larry Boy and the Rumor Weed – A great way to teach kids about the sin of gossiping.
  21. Charlie Chan and The Jade Mask – This movie is for older kids; it might spook younger ones out.
  22. White Christmas – Danny Kaye and Bing Crosby try to save an inn.
  23. 101 Dalmatians – This live action version of the classic animation easily entertains all age groups.
  24. Geek Charming – Provides a good opportunity to talk about dating standards and how God looks at the heart.
  25. What If. . . – Another great Christian film for the whole family.
  26. Madame Blueberry – Teaches kids a lesson about greed and how things won’t make you happy.
  27. Esther The Girl Who Became Queen – Veggie Tales take on the book of Esther.
  28. SabrinaThe chauffer’s daughter is in love with the rich son!
  29. Emma – Based on Jane Austen’s Emma
  30. My Six Loves – A cute story about a movie star who has six kids thrust upon her.
  31. The Mighty Macs – Based on a true story about a Catholic girls school who played for the national basketball title.
  32. How to Steal a Million – Audrey Hepburn has to steal her dad’s forged Venus before it’s discovered  as a forgery. Great opportunity to teach about lying and stealing.
  33. Fitzwilly – The household staff steal in order to keep their lady in riches. A chance to teach kids about wrongs never making right.
  34. Love Surreal – A college age girl has an imaginary boyfriend.
  35. I Was a Male War Bride – Cary Grant as a Male War Bride! Hilarious!
  36. Let’s Dance – A mom fights to keep her son in this musical set after WWII.
  37. The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew Mysteries – The episodes switch back and forth between the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew, with the detectives combing forces for a few mysteries.
  38. Cow Belles – A fun Disney movie about two spoiled rich girls
  39. Funny Face – A musical starring Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire
  40. The Lost and Found Family A rich women loses everything when her husband dies, and learns the importance of family.
  41. Mandie and the Cherokee Treasure – Based on the books by Lois Gladys Leoppard. Mandie sets out to find her birth father’s family.
  42. Brian’s Song – Based on the friendship between Brian Piccolo and Gale Sayers, both football players for the Chicago Bears.
  43. The Elephant Princess – A popular Australian TV show, tells the story of a girl who finds out she’s a princess in a magical land.
  44. The Shunning – An Amish drama based on Beverly Lewis’ books.
  45. Wives and Daughters – A BBC drama tells the story of a young girl whose father remarries a women with a daughter.
  46. Cadet KellyA rebellious young girl is placed in military school, good opportunity to teach kids to respect their parents.
  47. North and South – Elizabeth Gaskell’s book comes to life in a BBC mini series.
  48. Days of Jesse James – Roy Rogers searches for a bank thief.
  49. The Best of the Ozzie and Harriet Show – Follow the Nelson’s families’ adventures in this half hour TV show.
  50. The African Queen – A missionary women must flee WW II Africa with a rough sea captain.
  51. The Tigger Movie – The adventures of Pooh Bear continue with Tigger getting his own movie.
  52. People Will Talk – Cary Grant falls for a unwed pregnant women. Good chance to talk about sex before marriage and how God forgives.
  53. The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance – Jimmy Stewart stars as a man who’s mistakenly credited with shooting a feared gunslinger.
  54. The Roy Rogers Show – Half hour western adventures with singing.



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