Lasagna Soup

Okay, so I found this incredible recipe online, and  I was super excited to try it out. After all who doesn’t like soup and lasagna? My one hesitation was the fact that it seemed to heavily rely on spices to pack the flavor. I guess I’m not used to cooking with a lot of spices, but after trying this recipe, I think I need to learn how to use spices.


I used Italian sausage. I know it’s not low in fat, but it has a lot of flavor. One of these days I’ll have to try turkey sausage and see how that turns out. Although sometimes it’s worth it to splurge on the calories.


Now it’s time to make the soup. It calls for onions, bay leaves, red pepper flakes, tomato paste, fire roasted tomatoes. The recipe recommends fire roasted tomatoes, and I second that recommendation. They give the soup a nice spicy flavor. I cut back on the onion because my husband and I aren’t huge onion fans. I also cut back on the garlic. I used about a cup of onions and only one garlic clove. Also, I didn’t have any basil, so I just left it out.


The soup has to simmer for approximately a half hour. This gave me a chance to boil my water and prepare the pasta. I used pasta bowties because I could find them easier at the store. I didn’t want to cook my pasta in the soup because the pasta would absorb the liquid in the soup, and there’s not a lot of extra liquid in this soup.


Basically you can’t go wrong with any pasta, so chose what you like best. Bowties taste great in this recipe because they’re chunky, kind of like lasagna noodles shrunk down.


Here’s what the soup looks like when it’s done. I love the rich reddish orange color!


This is where I experimented a bit. I added 3 tablespoons of parmesan cheese instead of half a cup. I also added mozzarella cheese to my cheese mixture and skipped the salt. I tend to skip salt a lot in recipes because sodium is bad for your heart. Also, most recipes don’t need the extra salt added into them. My husband rues this, but I like making small sacrifices; it makes me feel healthier.


I was rather generous with my dollop of cheese, after all I’m being healthy not using salt! Smile


I put my noodles on top of the cheese and added the soup. Cheesy goodness!


This soup is amazing! It packs a lot of flavor in a small bowl, the melted cheese is to die for, and the pasta adds a nice solid taste. On a scale of 1-10, I’d give this recipe a 10. It’s a little involved, but that’s not too bad since you can basically leave it alone to simmer. It makes a great cold winter night’s supper.

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