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Pennsylvania5.1.12-002.jpgSo I’ve introduced you to my puppy (the apple of my eye)! I figured it was time to introduce you to my cats. I do love the cats but Charlie is my baby. We got a cat because the parsonage we moved into in Pennsylvania had mice. We were hoping Bella would be a good mouser (she’s not)! Anyway, back before we moved up here we started looking for a cat at the Greenville shelters. Well, I saw a picture of Bella as a kitten and fell in love immediately! She was so cute. Before we could adopt her, though, she was adopted out. A few weeks later we found her again in Pet Smart; apparently someone had returned her. Thus Bella became our first cat. She immediately thought of us as her mother by kneading us with her paws and sucking on our fingers.

She’s quite the traveled cat. She traveled with us from South Carolina to Illinois (Thanksgiving week) and back again. Then she traveled from South Carolina to Pennsylvania with Pennsylvania5.1.12-387_thumb.jpgstops in North Carolina and West Virginia. She got car sick on her first trip in a friend’s car. Awkward! After that we had to use vet subscribed medicine to knock her out. Poor cat made the trips like a trooper.

We had about 7 months with Bella before we decided to adopt another cat. The reason Pets-Spring-Summer-and-Fall-2012-Bloggie-119.jpgbeing is we knew we were getting Charlie, and we thought the change would be easier on Bella if she had a companion. That’s where Ivy came in. We had been talking about adopting a kitten for a while, so one day while I was in town I decided to stop by the local animal shelter. I wasn’t planning on adopting a kitten that day but once I saw Ivy I couldn’t resist. Ivy was about three months old and so tiny. She had two brothers, both of whom were picking on her in the cage. I texted Brian and adopted her. She had an interesting drive home. I stuffed her in my purse and drove to the gas station, and the little stinker figured out how to get out of my purse. So for the rest of the drive home I had to hold her in one hand while driving with the other. I drove pretty slowly! At one point in the trip she escaped my grip, and I had to get her off my head. Needless to say it was a crazy trip.

Arriving home we had to keep her away from Bella. We weren’t sure how they would hit it off. They didn’t! Bella hissed and spit at the poor kitten. Obviously Bella couldn’t be trusted with a kitten. The next night however we left them alonePets, Summer, and Some of Fall 2012 068 together, and they’ve been friends ever since. Bella is convinced that Ivy’s her kitten. And Ivy is a spoiled child. Sometimes Ivy will just sit at the base of the stairs and cry for Bella, and Bella comes running. Lazy Ivy!

Bella doesn’t like Charlie but Ivy does. Ivy is rather curious about Charlie and even interacts with her. Bella on the other hand hisses and boxes Charlie. Poor Charlie! Bella and Ivy can080 be found romping all over the house together and even sleeping together. The two are practically inseparable! They give us hours of amusement and they’re incredibly skittish. Bella still comes up and kneads us and she still sucks/bites Brian’s fingers. I don’t permit her to touch mine.

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  1. Kathleen says:

    I still think it is funny that you got a cat to get rid of mice, when you own two rats. . .

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