Youth Group Snacks

I’m a youth pastor’s wife! And every Friday night I’m expected to prepare a snack for our youth group. Scary thought, I’m expected to provide a snack for 12-20 teenagers, all of whom have different tastes. And I’m expected to do this on a budget of about $10-15 bucks a week! What’s surprising is that sometimes I even go under budget! So what’s the key? Shopping around and experimenting. By buying Kool-aid in bulk at Sam’s club, I have drink mix for church outings, youth group, and kids club. That takes care of drinks, now all I have to do is prepare snacks. I work part-time, so on the weeks I work I plan easier snacks, whereas on the weeks I’m off I get a little more ambitious! Pinterest has become my best friend, I just find recipes on there and try them out. After all I do have 12-20 guinea pigs on any given Friday. So here’s a list of some my snack ideas.

  1. Nestle Toll House Cookies! All you have to do is break the dough up and put it on a try. For $10 dollars you can get anywhere from 44-96 cookies, which translates to four packages of cookies! It takes minimal effort, and there’s a great variety of cookies. So what if they’re not homemade, they still taste great and they have more choices. I’m definitely not going to make four different types of cookies for them to enjoy.
  2. Nachos! This one goes over budget by a couple of dollars. Buy the big can of cheese at Wal-Mart for $8 dollars, four bags of nacho chips, and two cans of Rotel (or in my case off brand rotel). Salsa also works great! Simply combine the cheese and Rotel in a crock pot, cook on high for two hours! Serve! Another easy snack!
  3. Supreme Cookie Brownie Bars by Betty Crocker! Who doesn’t like a combination of brownies and cookies? Two boxes of these can easily feed a group of 20. They don’t take a lot of time.
  4. Root Beer floats are probably the cheapest snack I make. Buy off brand soda at your local grocery store, a huge tub of ice cream, and you’re all set. The only problem with these is they can get a little messy.
  5. Bagel pizzas are another great idea. It only takes two bags of bagels, one 24oz can of pizza sauce, one bag or pepperoni, and one 16oz bag of mozzarella cheese to feed my youth group. Cook at 350 for approximately 10-14 minutes! Everyone loved these.
  6. Try making homemade candy, this snack takes more effort, but it’s fun and rewarding. Remember you get to try the snacks, but since they’re for the youth group, you won’t be tempted to eat them all. I made homemade Butterfinger bars and Twix Bars.  They were a hit!
  7. Donuts! Our youth group loves Tim Hortons, but if you don’t have a Tim Hortons near by (I feel sorry for you) Dunkin Donuts or Krispy Kreme work as well. Serve with hot chocolate! Two dozen donuts easily feeds our group.
  8. Another favorite is ice cream. By the big tub and toppings. Teens tend to like chocolate syrup, caramel, and strawberry toppings.
  9. S’mores are another fun one. A couple boxes of graham crackers, a few bags of miniature Hershey Bars, and marsh mellows. Yum!
  10. Popcorn is always a crowd pleaser. Buy a few boxes with multiple flavors and everyone is happy.
  11. Cake or cupcakes are fun. By one box of cake mix, one tub of icing, and sprinkles! Viola! This s fun to do around a youth’s birthday, we all go in the kitchen and sing “Happy Birthday” before eating our snack.
  12. Pizza dip with a few modifications. I doubled the recipe, left off the olives, onions, and pepers. I served it with nacho chips instead of broccoli. No one wants broccoli for snack..

That’s 12 snacks to serve teens that require very little effort, and are crowd pleasers! Pretty exciting. This list could work for parties, school snacks, sleep overs, etc. . . It’s just a basic teen friendly/budget friendly list.

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