Spa in a Box

This Christmas my husband gave me what was, without a doubt, the most creative Christmas giDSCN4421ft. He totally surprised me with it. So what was it? Well, I’m glad you asked. It was a box with “S. I. A. P.” written on the outside. Intriguing! Inside was what he called “Spa in a Box.” Instead of giving me a day at an expensive spa (something we definitely couldn’t afford), he gave me the gift of quality time spent together and wonderful products. You see, he agreed to personally pamper me with the stuff he bought and create a spa like atmosphere at home. Pretty romantic! This gift is perfect for quality time. I combined some of his gifts with ideas of my own for my readers to create a list of choices for your own Spa in a Box. This could be the perfect gift for friends, family members, and wives. I only recommend offering to do the services for your spouse, possibly close friends and sisters? Otherwise, leave them to their own fun. By the way, I don’t recommend individually wrapping everything inside of the box, not unless the presentee likes opening tons of presents (I do)!

  1. Exfoliating Facial Buffs-work wonders with a good favorite facial cleanser
  2. Gel Eye Mask-soothes the tired senses. Bonus it can be used either cold or warm.
  3. Facial Mask-don’t forget the cucumbers!
  4. Bath and Body Works Lotion-Added bonus if you know her favorite scent!
  5. Toe Separators
  6. Smoothing Block
  7. Nail Wide Brush
  8. Nail Polish-pick a crazy color that she probably has never tried before or pick her favorite color
  9. Body Spray or Perfume-more bonus points if you pick the right scent
  10. Candles-what could be more relaxing then these?
  11. Chocolate-because every women finds it relaxing
  12. Nail Filer-every women needs an extra one
  13. Leave-in-Conditioner-let her pamper her hair while she’s taking care of the rest of her body. Added bonus this will last her a long time. Find out what her favorite line of hair products are. I highly recommend Fructis for this.
  14. Scrunchies-because every women loses these.
  15. Bathrobe-if you want to splurge a little, buy a brand new robe. We can always use a good comfy bathrobe.
  16. Hand Cream-if you purchase it in smaller bottles, she’ll be able to keep it in her purse.manicure
  17. Flip-Flops-cute ones! Something perfect to show off the new manicure.
  18. Facial Moisturizer
  19. Hairspray-pick her favorite
  20. Hair Gel-again pick her favorite. This is only recommended if you know what she likes.
  21. Exfoliating Cream
  22. Lip Gloss-chose a favorite like
  23. Washcloth-roll them up into a cool design. Also, include a matching hand towel.
  24. Nail Clippers
  25. Eye Cream-you could get several different types of these
  26. Oil Free Make-up Remover
  27. Scented Foot Salts-for a good foot soak
  28. Bubble Bath
  29. Bath Oil-in a soothing scent
  30. Body Wash-possibly matching the lotion’s scent
  31. Shampoo and Conditioner-get her her favorite brand, possibly something that she doesn’t like to spend money on?
  32. Babysitting Coupon-because what mom wouldn’t want a child-free spa time
  33. Tea or hot chocolate-whichever she prefers

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