Stretching Clothing

I have this dress that I bought at Old Navy, and I totally love it! I got it for only $10 dollars! It’s my favorite church dress. I love pairing it with a pair of bright colored tights and boots. Or bright colored tights and high heels (I think you’re getting the picture)! My favorite bright color at present is purple tights, although I’m considering getting red tights for Christmas next year. Anyway, I had to wash this dress a few weeks ago… well, I forgot to let it air dry and dried it in the dryer (I probably should say shrunk instead of dried). I was heartbroken. The dress used to come to just above the knee; now it’s a good 4-5 inches above the knee. Not a good Pastor’s wife outfit. I had already lost my dress, so I had nothing to lose in trying to stretch it. I followed an Ehow tutorial on how to unshrink clothing, and here’s the results!


I soaked my dress in lukewarm water with 2 tablespoons of my favorite conditioner. I let it soak for a little over ten minutes, then I took it out and began the stretching process.



I laid out a beach towel on the kitchen table, and started stretching. I pulled and pulled on the dress (like I said I had nothing to lose). Then I pulled some more. I even got my husband involved in the pulling process. I would then leave the dress alone for a few minutes and come back and pull again. I made sure to pull the arms, waist, and skirt part. I wanted the whole dress to stretch out. After awhile I decided lying down wasn’t the best way to dry the dress, so I hung it up on a wood hanger. I didn’t want the shoulders of the dress to shape to my hanger, so I made sure to use a hanger that wouldn’t do that. I stretched it every now and then and left it alone to dry. Voila (my new favorite word)! It worked! Check out the results!



I was so happy that I wore it to church the next day! It did take a long time to dry, but it was worth it. I definitely recommend this process for any clothes that shrink because of neglect or dryer time (as in my case). And trust me, I won’t be putting this through the dryer again! Smile

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  1. Fisty says:

    Isn’t it exciting to rescue a favorite dress? And what would we do without internet for communicating with family and friends and looking up solutions for problems such as your shrunk dress.

  2. Rachel says:

    I know! I’m constantly going online to find solutions to problems! I can’t imagine life without the Internet!

  3. Leah says:

    Did it shrink back up after you washed it again? Just curious because I was going to try it with some pants but don’t want to go through this process every time I want to wear them. Thanks!

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