The Cup: A Content Movie Review

I saw a commercial for this movie the other day, and thought it looked good. I’m a sports movie junky. Much to my surprise Netflix had “The Cup” available on streaming. Now all I had to do was check the content online and I would be good. Unfortunately there weren’t any content reviews online, which is why I’m writing this blog post. Warning: this review may contain possible spoilers. I’ll do my best not to give everything away.  


“The Cup” is the true story of two jockey brothers in Australia. The brothers come from a family with a rich history of horseracing. Their father was a jockey who died in a tragic racing accident when the boys were little. Damien Olliver is hired to ride Media Puzzle in the Melbourne Cup. Media Puzzle is owned by an Irishman and isn’t expected to place, due to a sitting out a year with an injury. On the eve of the Melbourne Cup, Jason Olliver is injured in a tragic horseriding accident, and the younger brother must decide if he will race in the cup or not. It’s not quite as exciting as some of your standard sports movies like “Remember the Titans” or ”Glory Road,” but in its own way it creates drama. Since the movie is set in Australia everyone has an accent, which at times makes them hard to understand. My husband and I had to turn on closed captioning to understand what they were saying. The accents are fun to listen to, though. And they make curse words harder to hear, unless you have closed captioning on. Altogether it’s a pretty entertaining movie. There are a few things in it that you might want to investigate before deciding whether or not to watch it. I list them below.



Language: Like I said, cursing is hard to understand because of the accents. There are a few (possibly 3 or 4, if you count “crap”) curse words sprinkled throughout the movie as well as the frequent use of “bloody.”


Sexual: Damien is living with his girlfriend (not a really noticeable fact other than he calls her his girlfriend once at the beginning of the film). There is some chaste kissing throughout the movie. There’s one scene where Damien and his presumable girlfriend are in bed and go under the covers together, insinuating but never showing. As horrible as this all sounds, since the relationship with the girlfriend is never a focal point, you really don’t notice it.


Spiritual: The family is catholic. At one point Mrs. Olliver prays to her dead husband for help. There are a few mentions of the afterlife. And Damien tells his brother to do right in heaven. Also, one character talks about his sister who is dead and how she is with them in this race.


Violence: None!


Disturbing Elements: Jason is pretty disturbing looking hooked up to the machines. Also, Jason’s accident is horrific. You see him on the ground and you see the horse coming down on top of him. There’s no blood and you don’t see the body on the ground afterwards, but still it’s pretty gruesome.


Drugs and Alcohol: They do drink periodically throughout the film. Also, a few screen shots take place inside a bar, but these are only spectator scenes (they’re watching The Cup on TV from a bar).


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