Working Out in the Internet Age

We live in the age of Internet, and I think you all know this. The Internet has changed everything from the way we reworkingoutad news to our shopping habits. So why shouldn’t the Internet change the way we workout? I’m all into saving money and I’m totally obsessed with Pinterest! That’s why I decided to challenge myself to workout only using online workouts! I wanted to see if I could really get a good workout using free internet sites, and I found that I could. Who needs dvds? Video games? Or classes? All you need is a computer, some dumbbells, and a desire to change your body. The good thing is internet workouts work your whole body! I can do a ten minute arm workout, a 15 minute abs section, and a leg workout, too. I’m slowly working towards my bikini body (without the bikini of course). I love mixing it up and trying new things, which is good because I’m constantly finding good new workouts. And the best part is it’s free! I didn’t pay a penny for any of these workouts. Here are some of my findings! Follow me on pinterest, because I’m constantly pinning new workouts. Who said working out should get boring? I have too many routines to get bored with.

  1. Jeannette Jenkins Ab workout-This is a killer 10 minute ab workout. You will be seriously tired by the end of this one. It’s fast paced and works the whole body while focusing on the abs.
  2. Inner Thigh Gap Workout-A great inner thigh workout! It doesn’t take too long, so if you really want to push yourself you should do this a couple of times
  3. Malibooty Workout-Great booty workout! Also, works the leg muscles. Not challenged enough? Try doing this multiple times.
  4. 10-Minute Arm Workout-This arm workout is for toning not bulking. It’s the perfect way to work your arms. I’ve been doing it for about a week now and I’m already seeing definition.
  5. Drop a Jean Size Workout-I love how this workout includes exercises that work the whole body: arms, legs, back, and abs. You can’t beat that. Also, it includes blueprints for good half hour workouts to get the heart pumping.
  6. Turkey Burner Workout-Challenge yourself by adding more reps to this workout. This is another workout that works multiple muscle groups for a good whole body workout. I like using this one in combination with other workouts.
  7. Jillian Michael’s Six Week Ab Workout Level 1-I love how the warm-up gets the heart pumping and stretches the muscles. The warm-up feels like a workout in and of itself. As you get better you can speed up the workout by skipping to the second section of the program.
  8. Thigh Toning Exercises-Great ways to work your thighs around the house. I don’t have a ball, so I’ve only done the stairs and wall exercises.

And this is just a start! There are so many more workouts available online, so skip the gym, no more pricey treadmills, forget the dvds, and workout at home! If you don’t know where to start, try checking out my healthy living board on pinterest.  Now get up and start working towards the body you know you’ve always wanted to have.

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