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What Not to do in New York City

My husband, siblings, and I went to New York City this past Saturday. And we had a blast! I think the best part of our trip was all the mistakes we made in getting there, and trust me, we made plenty. That’s why I came up with this blog post. I wanted to warn people about the things that you shouldn’t do in New York City and save you some of the grief. But then again some of these mistakes were truly fun, so maybe I DSCN4924should call this post what to do in New York City (or how to have fun with family). I’ll leave that up to you.

  1. Do not drive into New York City. Trust me, you won’t save any money, and it’s a nightmare. Traffic is absolutely crazy! And everybody blares their horns for no reason whatsoever. Plus, everyone is trying to sneak into your lane. It’s easier and cheaper to park in New Jersey and take the ferry over.
  2. Don’t not print out directions. If you insist on driving into New York City, make sure you print out directions and have a map available. Otherwise, you’ll enter an address into your GPS and end up somewhere else entirely. Also, make sure to put in West or North before your street name. If you don’t then you’ll end up on 40th street, when your destination is W. 40th St. These two locations are nowhere near each other! Also, you’ll end up paying hefty tolls and driving around for two hours trying to find your location.
  3. Don’t buy one way passes on the Subway. It’s cheaper to buy a metro card and share it with a group of people. You’ll save a whole $0.25 per ride. Plus you won’t be in danger of maxing your credit cards at the subway. Apparently, you’re only allowed to use you’re credit card twice during a day at the subway kiosks. And if you don’t know this then you’ll be swiping your card in frustration, building a line at the kiosk, and ticking people off. Fun times!
  4. Don’t just take buy a subway ticket and enter the station. Because you might find out that you just wasted subway fare by entering the wrong station. Then you’ll have to walk over to the right station and pay the fare all over again. DSCN4929
  5. Don’t pay the marked price in Chinatown. Do barter, and do walk away from sales. If you walk away you’ll end up paying half the price you would have paid in the first place.
  6. Don’t walk too close to Mario! He might reach out and try to grab you. And I thought Mario was friendly! Guess I was wrong, or maybe I looked like Bowser in my bright yellow hoody and jean capris.
  7. Don’t use the restroom in New York City. You may end up having to share a small restroom with a lady (who doesn’t speak English) you don’t even know. Luckily, there was a small divider between the toilets. Not to mention the people that cut in line in front of you.
  8. Don’t stop in a ghetto New Jersey city, outside of New York City, to use the restroom. Because you’ll find that most of the buildings don’t have restrooms and they have bars over the backroom doors. In fact Walgreens, CVS, and Advanced Auto Parts don’t have restrooms in the ghettos. I wonder why?
  9. Don’t use the only restroom you can find in New Jersey. You’ll end up using a dirty restroom with no toilet paper. Not to mention the fact that it doesn’t have soap and the door doesn’t even lock. If you insist on using the restroom bring your own toilet paper and soap. Oh, and have your sister stand guard outside of the restroom.
  10. Don’t engage in a conversation with the locals in ghetto New Jersey. Especially if it’s a guy. He may end up giving your sister a big hug and kiss on the cheek. Just keep your arms around your sister; that way he can’t touch her. I guess ghetto guys like blonde babes. 

I think that sums up all the don’ts that I learned. I’m sure there’s more out there. Who knows, maybe I’ll learn more don’ts in NYC round 2?

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  1. Fisty says:

    I’m way past the age of going to New York. Been there three times, each time stayed in hotel close to where we planned to go. I think such a trip is for the young – very young! So glad you had the time with siblings and husband. Now write a diary of this past month – so many thing you will want to remember.

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