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How is Westboro Baptist Church Different from Bible-Believing Churches?

Unsaved people like to clump Westboro Baptist Church in a group with Bible-believing Churches probably to salve their consciences. Or because they don’t realize that Westboro has nothing in common with Bible-believing churches (because they know nothing about churches). But the fact of the matter is that Westboro Baptist Church is nothing like the majority of Bible-believing churches, and Westboro most definitely isn’t anything like the conservative churches that I’ve attended. What Westboro fails to realize is that someday they are going to have to stand before the judgment seat of Christ, and they are going to have to give account for all the people they turned away from Christ by their actions!

How is Westboro different from other churches? I’m glad you asked! They are a media-loving, attention-seeking group. They love being controversial and love the limelight. How do I know this? Just look at the things they protest! A Taylor Swift concert? Come on! I’m familiar with a lot of Taylor Swift’s lyrics, and most of them are clean and innocent. Why not protest a Pink concert? I just looked up the names of her songs (didn’t need to read the lyrics). The names of her songs use horrible profanity and endorse drinking and bad behavior. Nothing like Taylor Swift’s lyrics. So why is Westboro targeting Taylor Swift and not Pink? Simply put Taylor Swift is a media-darling and superstar. Pink doesn’t have nearly the fan base Taylor Swift does, nor does she get as much media attention. Westboro wants to make headlines so they target Taylor Swift and not Pink. It has nothing to do with standards; it has everything to do with making the headlines! Jesus never made media headlines by protesting a pop/country concert. In fact the only thing Jesus did protest in His time on earth was the usury of the temple. So instead of focusing on concerts, another good focus for Westboro (a God-honoring one) would be to protest the killing of innocent babies. Why don’t they join the throngs of Christians who stand outside abortion clinics holding signs, praying, and singing? Because it doesn’t make headlines! A lot of Christians already do that, and Westboro wants to be different enough to make media headlines.

Another way Westboro is different from other churches is in what they protest. No other church would protest at  the funerals of fallen soldiers. Yes, the military does allow gays in, but that doesn’t mean you should protest soldiers’ funerals. Westboro came to my hometown to protest the funeral of a soldier. I know the soldier and his family attended a Bible-believing church, and I believe he was saved, but I can’t say for sure. Why protest a fellow believer’s funeral? Because they wanted to gain attention. Most of the soldiers’ funerals that Westboro has protested were straight. These soldiers have nothing to do with allowing gays into the military, and some of them don’t condone the military’s actions. Romans 12:15 says “Rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep.”

Probably the biggest difference between Westboro and Bible believing churches is the Bible. Wesboro is all about getting their name in the media, but they could care less about the Bible and what it says. Publically calling Taylor Swift “A whore” and a “serial-fornicator” isn’t loving. What about protesting fallen soldiers’ funerals? Again it’s not loving! John 13:34 says “A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another: just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another.” Jesus didn’t go around protesting at sinners’ funerals. Instead, he showed sinners mercy and love. And Jesus didn’t call sinners names. He never called the woman who washed his feet  (Luke 7:37-50) names. And he certainly had a right to. He could have rightly called her “a whore” and a “serial-fornicator,” but he didn’t. He showed that women love. Westboro fails to show Christ’s love to the world. Matthew 5:7 says “Blessed are the merciful, for they shall receive mercy.” Westboro hasn’t showed mercy to the soldiers’ families, Taylor Swift, or the soldiers themselves. Micah 6:8 says “He has told you, O man, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?” Westboro’s actions aren’t kind and certainly aren’t just. “And [Jesus] answered, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind, and your neighbor as yourself.” (Luke 10:27) You won’t see Bible believing churches out protesting at funerals and concerts like Westboro does. Why? Because Bible believing churches take seriously God’s commands to “love our neighbors,” to “walk humbly with [our] God,” “to love kindness,” and to love “as [Christ has] loved [us].” Westboro blatantly disobeys God’s commands. Instead they show hatred. Matthew 5:43-44 says “You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.” And 1 John 3:15 says “Everyone who hates his brother is a murderer, and you know that no murderer has eternal life abiding in him.” On this verse I can fairly safely make the assumption that Westboro church is a church consisting largely of unbelievers. Westboro’s actions are incredibly hateful towards those they protest. Don’t even get me started about the mega-phones and the horrible things they yell during their protests.

Honestly, the best thing that could happen to Westboro is if the media started ignoring all of their protests! I wonder how long they would keep protesting if they didn’t get attention. I for one am all for ignoring them so they won’t get the media attention they so desperately seek. I’m also all for praying for them, because they have shown themselves to be a bunch of unbelieving sinners. And because if they don’t discover the love of God, then someday they will be “thrown into the lake of fire.” (Revelation 20:15)

Fun Couples Questionnaire!

holding handsIn honor of our 3 years of marriage, I came up with this questionnaire.  Ironically, the questionnaire ended up being 3 pages (not intentionally). And you  write in 3 answers to each question. Once we were done, we took turns reading each other’s answers aloud. We found at times that our answers were the same, and at other times our answers were very different. The questionnaire got us talking, and helped us both learn more about each other. I discovered some things about Brian I really didn’t know, and I also learned more about the things he liked.

In order to do this questionnaire, you have to make some rules. You have to promise to be completely honest answering the questions. Also, you have to answer every single question, and come up with at least 3 answers. I did add a couple of extra answers to some of these questions. And there were questions where I only had one answer, but I had to come up with 2 extra answers. You’ll have a lot more fun if you follow the rules! And make sure you take plenty of time afterwards to read the answers. When you’re done, hold on to your partner’s answers. Trust me, you won’t want to lose these. And most importantly have fun and enjoy being together! Couples seriously don’t talk enough, I know we don’t. Anytime, we do a questionnaire it ends up being stimulus to long conversations. Communication is key if you want to have good marriage (so don’t take time for questionnaires if you want a bad marriage).

I found that questionnaires are a lot of fun to do on date nights. Generally, if I come up with one, I save it for a date night. Just don’t plan on the questionnaire to be the only date night activity. Try pairing it with a meal, movie, etc. . .

Date Night Questionnaire





How to Stay Cool and Save Money in the Summer

I’m an Illinois girl, born and bred. That doesn’t mean I don’t like the heat (I do). On a side note, I also hate the cold (which is why I’m excited about moving to North Carolina). Right now we’re living in Pennsylvania. Growing up in Illinois, our summers were rather hot. Good thing we had air conditioning. I always assumed everyone had air conditioning. Why wouldn’t you? Let’s just say that when we moved to Pennsylvania and I found out that no one had air conditioning, it was huge culture shock for me! I had never heard of such a place, especially not in the United States! I couldn’t believe it! I’m told that most New England states don’t have air conditioning! Shocker! I’m also told that it usually doesn’t get that hot up here (not true). It was a squelcher last summer. This summer it’s been cooler, but the temperature is beginning to rise. Being a stay at home pet mom/housewife, I’ve had to find ways to stay cool. dog wash

  1. Put container of water in the fridge, and drink plenty of water! The cold water will help you chill off and drinking lots of water will keep you hydrated. I’m not a huge fan of ice, so I like this option better. Just be disciplined enough to refill it every time you use it, otherwise you will run out of cold water.
  2. Find local rivers to hike. Just look up local waterfalls and rivers on the internet. You can probably find some good places that you can visit for free. About 5 minutes from where we live is Salt Springs State Park. This park consists of a multi-tiered waterfall. I love hiking up the waterfall with my feet in the water. If you’re really adventurous you can actually swim in the water. I personally don’t swim because I think the water is gross.
  3. Go hang out in the shade. A shady park is probably a lot cooler then a non-air conditioned house during the summer.
  4. Have a water balloon fight. These cost less then just running your hose continually, and they are super fun. Head to the local dollar store and pick up a bag of water balloons (these usually come with a nozzle). Fill them up and start the fight. I like to play games with them before the actual fight starts. By playing games with them you can have fun for a longer time.
  5. Give the dog a bath. If your dog is anything like mine then she hates the water. Trust me I almost always get wet giving Charlie a bath (usually not soaked, but hey wet works).
  6. Wash the car! The car needs a good washing and you need to get cool. Put on a swimsuit, get the hose out, and have fun!
  7. Window fans! These pipe in the cool air from outdoors. I recommend using these at night to cool off your house.
  8. When you wake up in the morning take the window fans out of the window and shut the window. Keep doors to rooms closed throughout the day. That way you aren’t losing the cold air. Your rooms will stay relatively cool throughout the day. Only do this in rooms that can be closed off.
  9. Cover your windows! Why not invest in those cute curtains that you’ve been dreaming about. During the day keep your shades down and your curtains drawn. By keeping the sun out of your house you’re keeping your house cooler.
  10. On a really hot day skip the hot meal. Try making a cold soup (I promise they do exist) or subs! How about a salad? Or try eating a meal consisting of fruits and veggies! Or try cooking a bunch of meat on a cooler day, then when it’s hot you can just warm-up the meat in the microwave or eat it cold. Instant taco salad, chicken salad, fajitas, etc. . .
  11. Make smoothies! In the summer consider substituting frozen yogurt for regular yogurt! Your smoothie will be colder and taste like a healthier version of a milkshake.
  12. Dance in the rain! Rain cools things off and it can cool you off. Take the opportunity to enjoy just running around in the rain! It’s tons of fun and also refreshing. If you have a trampoline, I highly recommend bouncing on it in the rain (although it’s probably not the safest thing to do, jump at your own risk).
  13. Cold showers! Not only do you save money by not using the water heater, but you can cool off. These are amazing right after a sweaty workout. Added bonus: it’s better for your skin to take a cold shower.
  14. Find a local park with a pool! Since I’m an adult, I would have to wade through when there are no kids around, otherwise I might upset parents. But if you have kids feel free to take a dip along with them. If you’re desperate to cool off just borrow somebody’s kids for a couple of hours (the parents will love having a couple hours kid-free).
  15. Most amusement parks provide ice cold water free of charge. Look into this while planning your next trip. Not only will you save on bottled water, but you won’t have to carry a back-pack into the park. Hershey Park is one of the parks that provides cold water. All you have to do is ask a vendor for a glass of water (no purchase necessary).
  16. If you have a beach nearby, then use it regularly! Most beaches don’t charge admission, so it’s a great way to swim for free.
  17. Wear less clothing (but only in the house)! There is nothing inappropriate about running around in a spaghetti top and short-shorts during the summer (in the house). Just remember to keep another pair of shorts and a shirt near the door in case of company. BTW your husband will love seeing you run around the house like this! :)
  18. Be lazy! At least during the hotter hours of the day. Try reading a good book or watching a movie! Or if you insist on getting things done, sit down and write thank you notes, reply to e-mails, or take care of computer business during the hotter hours.

That’s my list! What are some of the ways you’ve come up with to stay cool in the summer? I’m always looking for new ways to cool off.

Wedding Vows

On June 19th, 2010, I vowed in the sight of God, Brian, and witnesses “to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love, honor, and obey, till death do us part, and hereto I pledge you my faithfulness.” Pretty serious stuff! Well trust me I’ve had plenty of opportunities to keep those vows, and I’ve also failed those vows plenty of times.

We’ve only been married 3 years, but in those 3 years we’ve had a taste of what marriage is like. We’ve gone through the DSCN5090worse. The times where I was a pistol to live with. Poor Brian has had to put up with a contemptuous wife at times (me failing my wedding vows). There was the time Brian had chronic hiccups. He couldn’t stop hiccuping for days on end, and he could barely eat. Not one of our better moments. Or the days where all we did was fight. We’ve definitely seen the worse times (maybe not the worst, though). We’ve also seen the better times. Those days when we can spend the whole day just enjoying each other’s company. The alone time we enjoy. Small trips we’ve taken to Williamsburg, VA., Gatlinburg, TN., and Charleston, SC. The walks we take, the nights we stay up late talking about things, and the crazy things we’ve done. Yeah, we’ve experienced some “better” moments.

When we first got married we quickly learned what the “for poorer” meant. In fact, I broke my hand less then 2 months after we got married. And we had no idea how we would pay for it. Thankfully, I broke it at a church youth function so the church’s insurance covered it. That blew my job prospects for a few months. We were dipping into the last of our savings when I finally got a job. Or what about the time we moved from South Carolina to Pennsylvania. We lived off our savings for 3 months before God provided me with a job (Brian was working at the church at the time, but his paycheck didn’t cover all of our expenses). God has definitely been good to us. We’ve also had our richer moments (richer by our standards). When we could pay the bills, put some money into savings, and still cover little extras. God provided for Brian to be able to build a new computer as his old one just about failed.

We’ve also gone through the sickness and health. We’re both pretty healthy right now, but we’ve had our moments of sickness. I broke my hand, sprained my ankle, and had a few colds. Brian experienced the chronic hiccups and he’s gotten numerous colds.

Then there’s been the chances to show that we love each other. We’ve had chances to show our love for each other with gifts, cards, notes, actions, etc. . . Brian’s surprised me with candy, Oreos, Ever After soundtrack, National Treasure, and flowers. He’s done the dishes because I’m tired, got up early to finish Sunday School lessons so he can spend time with me, cooked supper so I can have a break, and watched chick flicks with me just because I like them. I’ve had opportunities to show him my love by packing him lunch to take to work, sending him texts, getting him Fastbreak bars, getting things ready for Wednesday night kids group (so he didn’t have to worry about it), and going hiking with him. I’ve also failed to show hiSANYO DIGITAL CAMERAm love countless times. I’ve said things that I regretted later, I’ve stomped around the house when I was mad, I’ve done things that he doesn’t like me to do, and I’ve let him know when I wasn’t happy. It’s easy to show Brian love when I feel loving towards him. But it’s hard to show him love when I don’t feel loving towards him. But love isn’t just a feeling, it’s a choice. When I made those vows to love him, I didn’t just vow to love him when he was loveable or when I felt loving. Instead, I vowed to love him “till death do us part” and beyond. So showing him love when I only feel loving is wrong. I’m supposed to show love even when I don’t feel loving (a lesson that I’m still struggling to learn).

The part about honoring isn’t always easy. I haven’t always respected and honored my husband as I vowed I would. There have been times where I’ve made disparaging comments about his ideas or plan. Or the times I’ve pointed out that I think he’s just wrong about something.

Then there’s the opportunities I’ve had to obey. This like other parts of my vows is a hit a miss area. Sometimes, I’m the loving, submissive wife. Other times, I’m an unloving, disobedient wife. Submission is easy when Brian asks me to do things that I want to or I enjoy doing, but it’s really hard when he asks me to do something that I don’t want to do. It’s hard bringing myself under his authority when I don’t like what he likes. I’ve obeyed complaining the whole time more times then I’d like to admit. I’m still working on being the submissive wife that God has called me to be.

The fact of the matter is I haven’t kept my vows as I vowed that I would. But I am blessed to have a forgiving husband, and a forgiving God. The last 3 years of my life haven’t been easy, but they have been the best 3 years of my life. Marriage isn’t supposed to be easy. I firmly believe that God created marriage as a stimulus for spiritual growth (growth that I desperately need). God also created marriage for companionship. Brian is the best companion I could ever ask for. He is a loving and patient husband, a good provider, a humble man, and my best friend. I couldn’t ask for a better husband. God blessed me 3 years ago by giving me Brian for my husband, and He has blessed me every day since. Our marriage hasn’t always been beautiful, but what can you expect of two sinners living together? But God is working to create something beautiful out of our marriage.

Thank you, Brian McBrayer for marrying me and blessing me daily with your love and godly leadership. Happy Anniversary, sweetheart!


What to do at Colonial Williamsburg

As of June 19th, Brian and I will have been married for 3 years! Crazy! My sweet husband surprised me with an anniversary trip to Colonial Williamsburg! Being a former history major in college, I was pretty excited. My part of the two day trip was to figure out what we were going to  visit. I had this great idea that we would visit Colonial Williamsburg, Jamestown, and the Berkeley Plantation. The manager at our hotel told us that wasn’t possible. He said there was too much to see in Colonial Williamsburg to be able to visit all those places. Still my lofty ideas continued.

Monday morning we showed up at Colonial Williamsburg. For some reason neither my husband or I thought you had to buy tickets to get in (you can walk the city without tickets, but you can’t gain entrance to the houses and shops without a ticket). Needless to say we ended up buying a multi-day pass. After we purchased it we realized the pass only worked for Colonial Williamsburg. At that point I was pretty disappointed. I still had the idea that we could see everything in two days.

DSCN5087We entered Colonial Williamsburg via the shuttle at the Governor’s Palace. Everything they say about this city is true. It’s like stepping back into history. Here was this intricate mansion complete with a traditional English garden (think Jane Austen gardens). It was beautiful. Then there was a meat house with real meat (trust me you could smell it). And a kitchen where the maid was creaming butter with her own hands. Talk about cool! And that was only one of the many buildings on in Williamsburg. I was slowly beginning to realize that it wasn’t possible to take in the whole city in a day. There was a basket weaver, an opportunity to play with hoops, a wheel wright, gunsmith, cooper, wig maker, apothecary, etc. . . There was so much to see. Not to mention the tours and the live shows! Wow!

By now I knew it was impossible to visit everything in a day. So I gave up on Jamestown and settled down to enjoy Colonial Williamsburg. Here’s my list of what to do in Colonial Williamsburg

  1. Do buy a Multi-day pass. You really can’t see everything in one day. For only $8 dollars more you get three days in the park instead of one. Definitely more bang for your buck.
  2. Do realize that the park changes time periods each day. On day you’ll be in pre-revolutionary war time, the next you’ll be edging closer to a war, and the next day there will be a war going on.
  3. Do visit the wheelwright! It’s very interesting. They are the only wheelwright in the world that makes wheels, carriages, wheelbarrows . . . entirely using pre-revolutionary war methods. In fact they sell their wheels to museums and such. One carriage they make costs about $5,000 dollars. But you have to remember that they spend hundreds of hours making that carriage.
  4. Do attend George Washington’s interview. The actor was phenomenal! he never broke character. In fact the day he was scheduled was pre-revolutionary war. Every time he was asked about the war he responded by saying he didn’t think there would be a war. He also didn’t know who Benedict Arnold and Thomas Paine were. Definitely a performance worth your time.
  5. Do go see Martha Washington’s letters performance. I am going to warn you, this performance starts out boring, but if you can make it through the first few letters to the actual acting portion, you will love it. It’s a great opportunity to see Martha’s struggles, and realize how hard the war was on her.
  6. Do visit the Randolph house! Although to be honest any tour you take in Williamsburg is great. The Randolph house was interesting because they were slave owners. You got a neat look at life was for the slaves and for the masters. Added bonus our tour guide taught the kids manners.
  7. Do play colonial games at the Benjamin Powell house. We got to play with hoops ( a dream come true). Plus there were a few other games to play.DSCN5068
  8. Do visit the wig makers! You’ll learn where the expression blockhead comes from. Also, you’ll learn all about the wigs of the day. Apparently, they had wigs like we have shoes today. And when they died they bequeathed their wigs to their ancestors. How would you like to wear your dead uncle’s wig?
  9. Do visit the gaol. Blackbeard’s pirates were held at this jail until their hanging. It’s probably the shortest tour at Williamsburg, and it’s interesting.
  10. Do ask questions! You will learn so much if you do. You’ll learn about blockheads, what exactly a cooper is, and why the Colonies thought refusing to sale products to England would hurt England more then the colonies.
  11. Do attend the Patrick Henry interview! Unlike Washington, Henry will talk about the future. He pretends he’s a sooth sayer to get around this little difficulty. He insults women, spouts political opinions, and talks barely coming up for air.
  12. Do visit the courthouse. This is probably the best photo-op at Williamsburg. Nothing like getting your picture taken in the stocks and pillories! This one isn’t a tour, so you can just go in and listen to the actors spiel on the history of the courthouse.
  13. Do visit the coopers. If nothing else you’ll learn what a cooper is. Plus this isn’t one of the more popular attractions, so you’ll get a chance to talk to the cooper and learn more about this trade.
  14. Do enjoy every minute of your trip. It’s okay if you don’t get to see everything. You now have a reason to come back. Also, if you get soaking wet in the rain, at least you got wet with your spouse and made a memory that will last a lifetime.
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Selfish Weddings?

Weddings are on my brain, probably because I’m attending my second one in a week’s time. I was a matron of honor at a wedding last weekend, and now I’m the sister-in-law of the bride (not an impressive title, but it comes with zero expenses). Since I’ve been married I’ve had the privilege to witness 4 weddings, not including my own. I’ve seen a wide spectrum of weddings. I’ve attended an outdoor one and multiple church weddings. I’ve been to buffet style receptions and cake and punch receptions. The more I see of weddings the more I’ve come to realize they are selfish events.

I’ve seen many more weddings than the four I’ve mentioned, and I have to say the majority of weddings I’ve seen weren’t God honoring. The majority of weddings I’ve been to, the focus is on the bride and groom (more often the bride). Yes, I understand weddings are the bride and groom’s special day. The problem is most brides and grooms focus too much on thWeddingsemselves and not enough on God. Marriage is a covenant between a man and woman, a covenant made before God. But instead of focusing on this, brides and grooms sneak God into a few minutes of their ceremony and focus more on themselves.

 A wedding is a great way to evangelize unsaved friends and relatives. I’m not saying the whole wedding should revolve around the gospel message, but it should be present.The gospel changed our lives, it plays a huge part in our lives, and it should play a part in our weddings! And to have a good marriage the gospel is going to have to play a part in that, so why not start the marriage off right?

And what about the parents? My dad actually changed the tables around in the reception hall on the day of my wedding because he didn’t like how I had done it. Parents ,you’ve had your day; now it’s time to let your kids have theirs. I know your day might not have been what you dreamed of (mine wasn’t), but it was your day. You can redo your vows if you want to. Just realize that if you insist on having your own way you’re going to ruin your kids big day, hurt your relationship with them, and fail to honor Christ. My advice to parents is make a budget for your children, help them when they ask for help, and sit back and let them plan their wedding. Don’t get upset when they don’t do something the way you want them to do. Because if you do get upset you’re being selfish! This day isn’t your day and it’s not about you. It’s about your kids and the vow they are making before God.

About that budget, brides and grooms! Work with it. Don’t throw a fit because your parents didn’t give you more. And  don’t throw a fit because you can’t afford a $10,000 bridal gown! You’re only going to use it one day and then it’s over with. Spend some money on the dress, but don’t set your expectations too high. Or what about the reception? So what if you can’t afford a huge meal? No one remembers the meal afterwards. Remember, your parents have retirement to think about. And this day isn’t all about you. Your wedding day is about making a covenant between you and your spouse and God. Ephesians 5:31b-32 says “the two shall become one flesh. This mystery is profound, and I am saying that it refers to Christ and the church.” Marriage is a picture of Christ giving himself for the church, and of the church honoring and submitting to the will of Christ. Pretty serious stuff! This isn’t something to be taken lightly. And it shouldn’t be taken lightly at the wedding.

As for the bride. Don’t freak out about looking perfect! And don’t focus on yourself to the detriment of the groom. Today’s society believes that weddings are all about the bride. Wrong! Without the groom there wouldn’t be a wedding. If he doesn’t want to be involved in the decisions, great. Make them yourself. But if he has something he wants, or he just wants to be involved, then get him involved. It’s his day, too. Let’s not be selfish brides.

And, brides and grooms, be kind to your family and friends. Your family and friends are paying a lot of money to come to your wedding. Bridesmaid dresses cost about $100 now, and those are the cheap ones. Factor in a round-trip plane ticket and the bridesmaids are shelling out close to $500 dollars for the wedding. That doesn’t include a present, card, shoes, etc. . . Groomsmen are looking at about the same costs. I think tuxes run around $80, and that includes shoes. And what about the parents? They’re paying for the wedding! And his parents have the cost of the rehearsal dinner. Don’t be demanding of your wedding party and family. They’re here because they love you. The whole bridezilla thing on tv isn’t cute in reality. Bottom line: if you want to keep your friends and family, treat them nicely!

The problem is Christian weddings are shifting away from God-centered, to bride-centered, groom-centered, family-centered, parents-centered, selfish events. Everyone comes in with expectations and wishes, and when their expectations aren’t met they get mad. When we fail to focus on our Creator, that’s when our sinful lusts come out. If we went into weddings with the desire to glorify God, then we wouldn’t have to worry about selfishness flaring it’s ugly head.

Now don’t get me wrong! I’m not saying that it’s wrong to play secular music at the wedding, or to spend time getting the decorations ready, or beautifying ourselves. What I am saying is that it’s wrong to spend more time preparing for the wedding than preparing for the marriage. How many books have you read on marriage? How much time have you spent praying about your marriage? And how much time have you spent in the Word? Yeah, it’s okay to plan a special day, but the focus should ultimately be on glorifying God and not ourselves. It’s easy to be tempted to be selfish with our weddings, but weddings also present us with a wonderful opportunity to glorify God. “So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.” (I Corinthians 10:31). Therefore, our weddings should be God honoring, not self glorifying.