Fun Couples Questionnaire!

holding handsIn honor of our 3 years of marriage, I came up with this questionnaire.  Ironically, the questionnaire ended up being 3 pages (not intentionally). And you  write in 3 answers to each question. Once we were done, we took turns reading each other’s answers aloud. We found at times that our answers were the same, and at other times our answers were very different. The questionnaire got us talking, and helped us both learn more about each other. I discovered some things about Brian I really didn’t know, and I also learned more about the things he liked.

In order to do this questionnaire, you have to make some rules. You have to promise to be completely honest answering the questions. Also, you have to answer every single question, and come up with at least 3 answers. I did add a couple of extra answers to some of these questions. And there were questions where I only had one answer, but I had to come up with 2 extra answers. You’ll have a lot more fun if you follow the rules! And make sure you take plenty of time afterwards to read the answers. When you’re done, hold on to your partner’s answers. Trust me, you won’t want to lose these. And most importantly have fun and enjoy being together! Couples seriously don’t talk enough, I know we don’t. Anytime, we do a questionnaire it ends up being stimulus to long conversations. Communication is key if you want to have good marriage (so don’t take time for questionnaires if you want a bad marriage).

I found that questionnaires are a lot of fun to do on date nights. Generally, if I come up with one, I save it for a date night. Just don’t plan on the questionnaire to be the only date night activity. Try pairing it with a meal, movie, etc. . .

Date Night Questionnaire





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