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A “Cool” Summer Date Night

I was trying to think of a cheap, fun date night that involves staying cool. That’s when it came t me. Why not do a water balloon fight? I thought this would be a lot of fun! I stopped by the Dollar store on a recent shopping trip, and for $2.16, I got 200 water balloons! That’s the total cost of this date night!

Whenever I plan a date night, it comes complete with dinner. I usually try to make Brian’s favorite foods for our date nights. I don’t recommend trying new recipes for a date night, but that’s up to you. If your spouse is the type that goes to restaurants and tries new food each time, then by all means make them something new. I see date night dinners as a way of eating iDSCN5090n a restaurant at home. Just make sure if you try something new that it’s something you think they would like. Brian goes out to eat and almost always orders the same thing, so when I plan a date night I just make his favorite meal. It’s all about personality!

Now it’s time for the water balloon fight! I bought two different colors of water balloons. My original idea was for him to get the green balloons and me to get the orange. The only problem was I picked the wrong night for a water balloon fight. It started raining as we were filling up the balloons, but we pressed on. We just didn’t fill up as many due to the fact that we were already wet. By the way the filling up of the balloons is a great team activity. One person fills while the other person ties. Brian and I had fun just talking while we did this. Once we filled our balloons, we started by playing catch. We tossed the balloon back and forth stepping back every time we caught the balloon. Another fun game to play with water balloons is water balloon pop. Set up starting and finish line. Start with one balloon and race to the finish line, sit on the balloon to pop it, then race back to the starting line and get another balloon. The first person to pop five balloons wins! The nice thing about adding games to your water balloon fight is it prolongs the game!

Now it’s time for the actual fight! We just grabbed balloons and ran around throwing them at each other. Some of the smaller ones won’t burst on impact, so you have to get close and bpirate shipurst them on each other! We had a blast. Once you’re done with the fight, you need to pick up the balloon pieces. Again, it’s another team activity and it doesn’t take that long to do. Picking them up gives you a good chance to just talk.

To end the night pick out a movie that has a water theme. We watched Muppet Treasure Island, which we already owned so it cost nothing. Other good movie choices would be Flipper, Soul Surfer, Dolphin Tale, Andre, Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl (or any of the pirates movies), or any other movie with a water theme. The sky’s the limit! It was nice to settle down and finish the night off with a good movie. Viola! A fun and cheap date night with very little prep work!

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