The Balancing Act

Right now our lives are absolutely crazy! We’re making the move from Pennsylvania to Nortclockh Carolina on June 26th. I have to get knock out medicine for our pets to make the trips. I also have to get rabies shots for Charlie and the cats. There’s still quite a bit of packing left to be done, and next week is VBS at our church. Both Brian and I are teachers for VBS. Not to mention all the goodbyes and dinners we’ve been invited to. Needless to say our lives are pretty hectic right now. It’s times like these that make it hard for us to spend time together. There is so much needing to be done, that we struggle to find time just to be together.

Brian was saying that we need to schedule time for each other, which is totally true. But we also have to appreciate the little time that we get together. Like yesterday, we had very little time together due to having a couple friends over for supper. But we did have an hour after Brian got off from work. I know the hour was spent running to the library and stopping by Wal-Mart to make some much needed purchases, but at least we got to do it together. Brian pushed the cart around Wal-Mart and I threw things in, while we talked about everything from the plans for that evening with friends to a story I had read online. Then we had a half hour car ride back to our house, again another great time to just sit and talk to each other. Last night as I was thinking about our crazy day, I suddenly remembered the fact that we had had just snippets of time together here and there. It’s easy to take those small times together for granted when things are crazy.

Now I’m not suggesting that you just spend snippets of time together. I know for a fact that it’s not healthy for a marriage to survive on small snippets of time. But there are seasons in your life (hopefully short ones or your priorities are all wrong) where you only get to spend short amounts of time together. It’s during these seasons that you learn to make the most out of the little time that you do get together: Brian sends me texts over his lunch break,I go upstairs and pack in his office while he’s applying for jobs online, etc. . .  I’m still learning to be content and appreciate what time I do get with Brian. I know this will totally shock you, but I have been known to spend our short time together complaining that we don’t get to spend time together. It’s totally selfish of me, and I’ve had to confess my selfish to Brian and God. I really should be rejoicing that God allowed us to have those few minutes together.

I guess you could say we’re going through the balancing act right now. Trying to balance other things with spending time together. I have an amazing husband who works to schedule time for me! And God has been gracious to help us get things done, so that we can enjoy those few minutes we get together.  And the nice thing is we both realize we need to spend time together, so even though we’re busy we work to prioritize each other (that’s the way marriage is supposed to work).

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