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The Charlie Diaries

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve blogged about my pets. Charlie was getting a little concerned that maybe my blog wasn’t staying true to it’s married with pets name. She says I’m a domesticated doggy mom, and if I must claim theDSCN4957m then I’m mom to the cats and a rat. But if it’s up to her, I’m just her mommy (that would be my #1 job in her mind). Anyway, Charlie suggested that I share a few pages out of her dog diary, and keep everyone posted on her life.

Charlie is officially housebroken! Daddy doesn’t believe it, but it’s true. She hasn’t had an accident in the house in weeks. The last accident she had was in her crate (she spends the night in her crate), I had slept in and didn’t get her out of her crate in time to go. She left the mess on the plastic floor far away from her blanket, and then she laid down on her blanket. She was kind enough not to get herself all messy, and mommy was most appreciative.

Charlie attended her first fireworks show last week. I didn’t realize that it would scare her as much as it did. She wouldn’t even take treats during the fireworks (which is unbelievable for Charlie seeing as how she’ll DSCN4998eat anything), that said she took it like a trooper. No running away, jerking on the leash, or trying to escape. She simply laid on the ground with her heart racing like crazy. I think mommy drove everyone around me nuts because I sat there praising her throughout the whole show. By the way, the fireworks a local Montrose citizen set off on the golf course were much better than the city of Montrose’s display.

Charlie would like everyone to know that she hates the heat. She is really looking forward to laying over an air conditioning vent in North Carolina. These days it’s all I can do to get her to play outside. I try to take her out early in the morning, but she doesn’t like running around in the heat. Basically, she’s content to lie around the house all day. Poor puppy!

Charlie wanted me to mention that she’s especially good about eating her veggies. She loves eatiDSCN4999ng baby carrots. Unfortunately, she has to be limited to one (sometimes two) at a time. Her stomach can’t handle too many carrots. Also, she hasn’t taken to water. In fact she would rather run around a body of water then swim across it. She has made some progress in this area, though.

Oh, and Charlie is officially a year old! She turned a year old in June. She said the best part about birthdays is the big bones you get. She got a shoulder bone of some animal or other. You can buy them for $5 at the Tractor Supply in Montrose, PA. I think that’s about it for the Charlie news. I can’t think of any omissions that I’ve made but I’m sure Charlie can!

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