Monthly Archives: August 2013


It’s been just a little over a month since Brian and I packed everything up and moved from Pennsylvania to North Carolina. About a month ago it was easy for us to doubt that this move was God’s will. After all, in Pennsylvania we had a place to live, work, and a church family. Down here all we had was a church family and Brian’s family, oh, and the prospect of Brian starting school in September (that is if Maranatha finished his paperwork on time). I left Pennsylvania on June 25th with my dog because I had three interviews scheduled for Friday and Saturday. I drove all day, got in at midnight, slept, dropped Charlie off at a boarding facility, and headed off to my first two interviews. At that point I needed a job, and Brian and I were planning on staying with his parents for a while. My first interview went well, and I knew I wanted the job. But then, my plans weren’t God’s plans. The first job (AT&T) really wanted to hire me, but they refused because I wouldn’t work the hours that they wanted me to on Sundays (non-discrimination, huh?). I was willing to work on Sundays between services, but they insisted I be at work during church hours. Not to mention the fact that the district manager told me “Don’t we all go to church?” And made comments about Sunday services being earlier in the day. The blessing here is God’s way is always best, and I’m sure they wouldn’t have been a good company to work for.

Brian arrived down here the Saturday after I left Pennsylvania. Crazy guy had been up for 30 hours straight by the time he pulled into the storage facility in Raleigh, NC. Talk about scary! I’m just glad he was okay on the road. That was the first of many blessings that God blessed us with since moving to NC. The next came in the form of an apartment. We got a small apartment over top a lady’s house. The price was amazing, we can keep our dog and cats with us, plus the apartment was fully furnished, and it didn’t require a lease! Anytime we want to leave we are free to go. Fully furnished is a huge blessing, because we haven’t had to take our stuff out of storage to live here. It was a huge and unexpected answer to our prayers.

The next answer came in the form of Brian getting at job at Reichhold. He has a temp job there as a Lab tech. Reichhold is the company his dad works for, so they get to carpool back and forth together. The nice thing about Brian’s job was it didn’t start till August 19th! Brian and I had a few weeks together; it was like a mini vacation. And God provided the funds so we didn’t have to worry about being jobless. I was interviewing with multiple companies during this time. I have to say I was beginning to feel like a professional job interviewee.

Another blessing during that time was my computer went out. The hard drive was bad, so we had to send it back to Dell for them to fix. Thankfully, the computer was still under warranty. The day my computer came back, Brian’s hard drive died. We were never without a computer! Huge blessing! By always having a computer I was able to apply for more jobs.

After a month of applying for jobs, I finally found a job! God provided me with a job with Sprint. I’m a Sales Representative. The unexpected blessing is that I get unlimited text, data, and calls with my job. I started working last week and I have a lot to learn. I start formal training classes next week, but until then I’m working 40 hours a week and training with talented Representatives at Sprint.

Throughout this whole move, God has continued to show Himself faithful to us. And He’s grown us both through this time. It’s been exciting to see God provide us with work, a place to live, and a good church family in North Carolina. We do miss our church family in Pennsylvania, and we look forward to visiting them all at sometime soon!

I’ve enjoyed seeing God answer prayers in His perfect timing. We haven’t gone without, instead we’ve always been blessed with exactly what we need when we need it. I’m thankful for a loving heavenly Father who meets our needs. Oh, I forgot to add Brian got accepted into Maranatha! He started classes last Tuesday. Maranatha finally realized that Brian wasn’t going to be moving to Watertown, WI. to attend classes. Also, they realized that he didn’t need to take music classes (Master of Divinity student taking Western Thought in Music, come on)! He’s taking Daniel and New Testament Theology. Right now our lives are very busy, but God’s giving us the daily grace we need to handle the tasks that He has appointed.