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Workout and Work: Is it possible?

My life has been pretty hectic since I started working at Sprint, hence the reason this blog has been largely ignored. I’m working 40+ hours a week. And right now I’m finishing up my last week of training. Anyway, back to the blog. My goal is to go back to bi-weekly blog posts, we’ll see how that works out.

One thing that’s been difficult for me since I started working is finding time to get things done. I’ll be sBlog postharing more of my tips and tricks in the next couple of weeks, but one thing I’ve really struggled with is working out. I take long walks each day with my dog, but I’m not toning my muscles and targeting my trouble spots. Luckily for me my husband just read an article stating that if you only do a cardio workout for 5 minute increments (a couple times a day) you will see benefits, in fact it benefits you as much as doing cardio for 20-40 minutes straight.

That got me to thinking, what if I rotate 15  minute workouts with different muscle groups? What results would I see? Thus far the results are sore muscles, but I’m optimistic, after all I’ve only been doing this program for 3 days. The thing is I can easily fit a 15 minute workout into my schedule: lunch break (haven’t tried this one due to the sweat factor), after work, before going to work, etc. . . It’s not that hard to find 15 minutes to focus on my body.

Another trick I’ve learned is adding arms to basic moves. I can add a pair of weights to my squats, viola! I’m now working my arms as well as my legs. What about lunges? Another good opportunity to tone my arms! And then there’s push-UPs. If you’re good at push-ups you can add arms in my switching up your arm position, or doing one arm push-ups.

I’ve found several really good 15-minute workouts online, and I’m always posting new workouts to my Pinterest board! Here’s a list of my favorites:

  1. Back on Point Leg Workout! I added arms into this one by using weights on my lunges and squats. And I also pushed myself to hold the wall squats longer then 50 seconds.
  2. Pop Sugar No Equipment Workout! Another great full body workout. Just repeat 3 times and you’re done!
  3. Abs on Fire! Trust me they don’t lie with this title! Unfortunately the link on pinterest is bad, so don’t click on the link to the website.
  4. Reboot! Don’t click through to the actual website. Just use the poster that comes up for this one. It’s a great full body workout, and it’s easy to incorporate arms with the squats and lunges.
  5. A Better Day Workout! Really works the abs while giving you a little bit of legs. Just do three cycles and viola!
  6. The Ultimate workout with Bob Harper! Who doesn’t love Bob Harper? The great things about this workout is it doesn’t require anything, but a willingness to get your body in shape. And it’s a whole body workout!
  7. Best Bikini Body Workout! Just because I don’t wear a bikini doesn’t mean I don’t want to have a bikini body. This workout tones a little bit of everything!